Stanley Jacobs Productions, LTD.
Our specialty is producing the most challenging variety of direct response in the industry: Long form commercials that are required to generate immediate sales at a level covering all directly associated costs and delivering an immediate profit for our clients.
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Whether it was the first use of a Jimmy Jib for more effectively shooting overhead stovetop cooking in the late 1980s, or producing the first infomercial ever shot, edited and delivered in vivid 1080i, 1920 x 1080 High Definition video in 2002, we employ production and post production tools cost effectively to deliver a program with maximum impact.


Our expertise goes beyond smooth production execution. We have continually contributed to the growth of the infomercial industry through our successful campaigns and we're one of the few companies with over 20 years of seasoned experience. Our direct involvement and guidence has helped several $4-$5 million companies explode to over $100 million companies in just a couple years.